Login to Reply to this Topic. Hello, I am new to this board and I have recently purchased a dining set that consists of six ladderback chairs, with rush seats and a dining table with slender legs.

It is stamped Walter of Wabash underneath the table and there is also a label stamped that I can only make out part of.

It says something about Mastercraft, has a set of lot numbers and that's it.

Walter of Wabash in Wabash, Indiana

Can anyone help me identify the age and origin of this piece? Thanks for your help. I am new to this so everyone bare with me. When we turned the table over it was stamped Walter of Wabash and we could not find any other information.

The couple that sold if to my farther over 20 years ago said it was made in the - 's. Please help! I like the style of your website! It looks really nice. Hey whats up guys, awesome form, looking forward to reading everyones posts. It was probably purchased in early 's.

It is in great condition. How much do you think I can sell for? It has two leafs that make it 52X I've been on here since 2 months ago but i just wanted to say hello to everyone on here and say that i love this site. Since Walter of Wabash make ONLY the slides as stated on this board, I am writing to you to see if you can give me information on how to get a replacement slide for my oak dining room table.

walter of wabash website

It measures 24" in the closed position and is for a one leaf table. Please advice. Please Help Thanks Marie Gressel I purchased a creme colored table with a pedestal base with a gold trim on the bottom and 6 creme colored chairs with vinyl cushioned bottoms and backs. It is stamped walter of wabash on the slides. I think it has a formica top. I need to replace the vinyl seat cushions.At Wabash National, a customer-first approach is part of our culture.

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Contact us. Location Finder. How can we help? Enter Query. Phone Number. Generate New Image. All rights reserved.Create account. A wealthy man in Canada got divorced and was selling all of his estate. So we thought it was worth getting appraised. Thank you. This is a 20th century dining table and chair set. The dining table expands and has two cup and cover form thick pedestal columns on tri-form American Empire Revival style bases. There is a Walter of Wabash mark on the table, however the Walter of Wabash mark is for the patented slide mechanism that is built in to the table to allow it to expand.

Thus, the maker of the table and the chairs is unknown unless another mark, label or tag is found on any of the pieces. The chairs themselves are done in a slight interpretation of Renaissance Revival style, however they could date to as late as the 's.

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Related items from other collectors.We inherited a table we don't need. We we're told it was a expensive antique but I am not sure. If anyone has any feedback about this table and the chairs, that would be really great.

Walter and Wabash table

Walter and Wabash is not the table's brand. They manufactured the slide. They went out of business in M y A ntique F urniture C ollection. Thanks Share. The inlay is nice. Walter of Wabash table. B Walter Wabash folding dining table. Perfection table slide mfg co watertown wisconsin. I have a Perfection Table slide Mfg. I have my great grandmothers drop leaf table believed to be over years How to remove stains from an antique table.

Table stamped Walter of Wabash. Value of antique oak tiger claw dining table. I have a table with the name Walter Wabash on it. Table sold by Hale. I have a Walter and Wabash maple dining table with 6 ladder back chairs witEverything still works and you can bid, however bids placed by others and timers will not refresh automatically. You you will need to refresh the page to see those changes! Otherwise In Good Condition.

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The Wabash Erie Canal

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walter of wabash website

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Vintage Thomasville Cherry Chest of Drawers. Fancy Walnut Lockside Chest. John Stewart ninedrawer commode midcentury design. Mahogany Dressing Table. Lot Description This wonderful white Walter of Wabash chest of five drawers with bin pull handles, probably the Willow Line, is 52 inches high by 37 inches long. It's a great look for a Florida home, perfect for your guest room or for extra storage.

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walter of wabash website

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