Use the above links or scroll down see all to the Nintendo 3DS cheats we have available for Pokemon X. We have no tips for Pokemon X yet.

If you have any unlockables please submit them. You can get the National Pokedex by beating the Elite 4 and then going to speak with Professor Sycamore at the Lumiose City train station.

There isn't really a cheat to do it automatically, you'll just need to complete the beating of the elite 4. First, you must beat the Elite 4, one of the three legendary birds from the original Pokemon Red and Blue will start roaming throughout Kalos. Which bird you get depends on your starter. If you chose Froakie, you'll find Moltres. If you chose Chespin, you'll find Articuno. If you chose Fennekin, you'll find Zapdos.

After encountering one of the birds in the wild, check its entry in your Coastal Kalos Pokedex. It'll show the bird's current location. You must walk - not fly - to the location and challenge the bird again. After fleeing several times, the bird will eventually retreat to Sea Spirit's Den, finally giving you the chance to catch it. To unlock the friend safari you need to defeat the Elite Four and then go to Kiloude City. After beating the Elite 4, return to Lumiose City and speak to Professor Sycamore at the train station.

You'll receive a final upgrade to your Pokedex that covers Pokemon beyond the Kalos region. Millionaire : Earn 1, EXP. Electric on Ground O-Power Lv. We have no easter eggs for Pokemon X yet. We have no glitches for Pokemon X yet. Created by: MKaykitkats. Read the full guide Created by: spooky SinceCheatCodes. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes. Pokemon X. Beat the Elite 4 and reach the lowest level of Terminus Cave to unlock the Zygarde sidequest.

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DOOM ETERNAL How To Unlock All Cheat Codes + Gameplay Of All Cheat Codes Activated

Username changes are now open all year long, and the frequency for members AND supporters has changed! Buffel Saft. The code. Spoiler :. The Big Root held item has received a massive buff, and will now double healing from HP stealing moves. Their teams don't always make sense flavor-wise, but they do make the game significantly more challenging.

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See the documents for details. Double, triple and rotation battles are more common Unimportant trainers will frequently but not always have custom movesets, and some will also utilize held items Note that some trainers in the legal version of insanity mode may have illegal movesets; this is because this version was released as an edit of the original insanity mode, which was based on the rebalanced version.

If you encounter a trainer with a move they shouldn't have, please report it so I can fix them. Viola nerf built in: with the limited options available to the player in this version, Viola's full team would be a bit excessive, so she will only use four Pokemon in her initial battle. Fast hatch eggs: If you opt to add the wild Pokemon changes from the other versions, breeding the Pokemon you catch will result in legal offspring. This change speeds up that process significantly.

Mart and trainer changes from the legal version of the hacks are retained; you'll still be able to get most TMs and Mega Stones before defeating the Pokemon League Access to online features allows you to browse the wasteland that is the XY GTS, receive countless Zigzagoons from wonder trade, and battle your friends while retaining most of EXWY's changes. If there are problems with the images below, screenshots can also be found here. The wild Pokemon and mart changes aren't showing up for me, but everything else is - what gives?

You can fix this by uninstalling the update. I've installed the hack but can't see the edited title screen. Is it not working? The edited title screen will only show up if the game is played in English each language has its own title screen, and the other ones are unedited. You can verify that the hack is working by going to the Poke Ball shop in Aquacorde Town; if it's selling Cherish Balls,it's working.

How do I uninstall a title update? If you're using Citra, right-click on the game in the main menu and select "Open Update Data Location. Are Pokemon from the Legal Version safe for use online? In most cases, no. This is because met locations and levels will likely be wrong, and because I had to replace a regular ability with the hidden ability to make them available for many Pokemon.

If you want to transfer your Pokemon to Pokemon Bank, you'll need to edit them with pkhex to make them legal first, or play the online version instead. I've just downloaded the latest version of the game and something isn't working, is it my fault? Probably not! Either I've broken the game with the latest update, or you've still got the official XY update installed. If it's the former, please post in this thread or PM me so I can fix it as soon as possible.By blinkzaneNov 12, 1, 4, Gateway Cheats By blinkzaneNov 12, 1, 4, Thread Tools Thread Tools.

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Level 3.


Joined: Aug 11, Messages: 84 Country:. Sasuke Newbie. Joined: Apr 3, Messages: 3 Country:. Roimeliam Newbie. Joined: Apr 17, Messages: 7 Country:. I have seen an NTR plugin before but I need the codes to make a custom one. Level 4. Joined: Jul 29, Messages: Country:. The ones in the Gateshark database don't appear to work. Each one needs to be a separate code since Luma's cheat engine doesn't allow you to have code folders. Level 5. Joined: Dec 19, Messages: Country:. DwarfWarden likes this. Last edited by RoimeliamApr 22, Joined: Apr 22, Messages: 2 Country:.

Hi ymyn can you help me with a Monster Hunter Double Cross code? The code below does not work. Can you fix the code for version 1. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content.

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Draft saved Draft deleted. Replies: Views: 39,Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. For the shiny editor section, what are values are recommended to get the best shiny encounter rate?

I read on the github that editing may be necessary step, but I just started this whole process, so if I can do it from the tool that'd be great.

No manual edits required, just use the Shiny Rate editor. It's been a while, long before Sun and Moon even released cough leaked. I was referring to like how releases were handled for it before, it was similar to PKHeX. I guess PKHeX's code is a lot more grand so big updates make sense for it, unlike this.

I'm wondering are there any ways to edit the base power of the Z moves? Also is it possible to have an import option for maison pokemon sets? I've tried changing around the files and using less files each time, but the same error code happens each time This is for oras Or did i unpack it and am i just missing something obvious? Never mind! I figured it out myself! I went in my settings and deleted the patches and then re-dumped it and it worked!

However, starters didn't change at all. Do i need to do anything else or.? EDIT: after further looks, it did edit starters for the others, just not mine. EDIT: tested with latest hourly 8. Tested with an old a9lh 3ds, bootlooped instead. Exception Details: System. ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. The program must now close. Follow up - I re extracted the files and did a build without exefs patching, still ran into the same exception.

Is CRO editing not working correctly with latest build and I had a misconception that it was? Loading Persistant". You can continue running the program albeit with potential side-effectsbut please report this error. I know this isn't a tutorial area, but I can't find this information anywhere. What I did wrong? I extract the game, rebuild into. And if I disable the arm11 exception handlers, endless 3ds logo bucle. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Sign in anonymously. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Microsoft.Special thanks to all those who are supporting these efforts on Patreon. These donations are given directly to support the hardworking developers such as wwylele who spent almost an entire year of his spare time on the feature in this blog post!

We love working on this project, and have a whole lot more to talk about in the coming weeks! Before we get too much into the long story behind this great achievement, we should set expectations for what this means for the users of the emulator.

In the Audio tab of the Configuration menu, there is a new option for Emulation. Today we are pleased to announce that many bugs are fixed, but we are also aware that LLE Accurate audio makes every game run at around 5FPS or less! In fact, thanks to this new accurate audio emulation option, it should help developers make it even better so it will work with every game. So for emulation, where the goal of many developers is not only to make the emulation accurate, but also to make it fastHLE audio is a great middle ground as you get to have high accuracy while also taking almost no processing effort.

In order to write an effective HLE audio engine, one must first reverse engineer the audio code that the game uses, and truly understand what it does. This turns out to be pretty tricky in practice. At the time, we were just as excited as everyone else to see how well the games were advancing, but at some point, they stopped getting better. After CRO support landed to get the games running thanks to both Subv and wwyleleseveral fixes to the 3DS GPU emulation, followed by geometry shader support thanks to the hard work of neobrainJayFoxRoxdsand once again wwylelewe really hoped that the games would finally start working!

We kept feeding more and more time into features that made the emulation so much better, yet this one very popular and very stubborn game would not work. Subv spent many long hours reverse engineering the game, and found that at the core of the game lay a state machine that drives the game engine. After spending more time than anyone could have asked, eventually he burned out and moved on to develop other amazing features for Citra such as multiplayer network support, leaving us without any more clues to why the game freezes.

AAC or Advanced Audio Coding is a standard audio format that typically has better sounding audio than mp3 at the same bitrate.

While we appreciate the detective work, there was one glaring problem with deciding that we just needed to add AAC audio support. The answer was talked about earlier: in order to add a new feature in HLE audio, one needs to reverse engineer the audio code that the games use, and then find out exactly how the audio code processes AAC audio; where the data is passed through, where each decoding option is stored, and all the way down to what every bit of data written to the audio pipe semantically means.

After all, a game can upload any code it wants to the audio chip, meaning even if they both used AAC audio, they could potentially use different decoding options, causing the HLE AAC decoder to work for one game and not the other.

Faced with this dilemma, wwylele designed a test to show that audio is likely the cause of the softlock. One short level up later, and the game froze, just like in Citra! Audio issues were very likely the cause, but what then should be the fix?

The methods for fixing any audio issues boil down to two potential solutions. Both of the options have advantages and disadvantages. The first commit on Teakra started in late Januarybut the design and research phase started before this.

In spite of its limited use on the DSi, GBATek is loaded with valuable information about the processor, put together by the reverse engineering efforts of Martin Korth and many other contributors. There are others who have worked hard to write documentation, which wwylele referenced often throughout development.

Accurate Audio Emulation Has Arrived

Building an LLE audio emulator from scratch is an exciting, yet somewhat scary prospect. When working on HLE audio emulation, you really start to understand what the games are doing, but when writing an LLE audio emulator, you create a magical black box where binary data goes in, and binary data comes out.

This was especially true for wwylele because he had never worked with a DSP before this! Several months after starting, the interpreter was coming along nicely, and it was time to start hooking things together. This marked another very exciting yet very scary point in time; it had been about 5 months of work on audio emulation, and all of it in complete silence!

Anything beyond simple audio output is typically generated through specialized hardware known as a Digital Signal Processoror DSP for short. This custom built hardware is very efficient at transforming and processing audio samples while using less power than the CPU would, enabling the game developers to produce high quality audio without severely impacting battery life.

The first two are a piece of cake to recreate compared to DMA. There are straightforward test cases one can write and run on a real 3DS to verify how the 3DS and TeakLite DSP communicate and recreate this in Teakra, and after a month of work, wwylele got them both functional. Around Augustwwylele hooked everything together except for DMA with this hope in mind and….Forgot your password?

Or sign in with one of these services. For non-shiny locked entries, this shiny patch will shinify wild encounters, static encounters, gifts, fishing, eggs when received from breeder, and wonder card redemptions. Note: this ROM patch may affect some event redemptions that were not meant to be shiny.

Those specific cases will be illegal. I experienced this with Ash-Greninja. While PK3DS does have a shiny rate editor, this guide is for people who somehow can't get it to work maybe computer compatibility issues, unable to extract all the necessary files from the games, etcor simply doesn't like to use it.

We will not be providing any exefs. However do not fear, as the steps regarding how to extract them from your own purchases, are included in this guide. Additional Misc. Info While it is possible to compile the edited code. Do note that if you're running a version of the game that is updated i. Instructions for this step is included below as well. If you have the update patch installed, and you use the exefs. The 4 easy steps: 1. Extracting the exefs.

Accurate Audio Emulation Has Arrived

Decompressing exefs. Performing the edit 4. Pasting the code. Have GodMode9 on your SD card. Also, if your only copy of the game is on a cart AND if you play the game without any game updates installed, follow the steps 3a to 3f in the spoiler below. Else, ignore the content in the spoiler directly below and go to step 4. Bottom screen, NCSD image options Bottom screen, Mount image to drive. Top screen, open content0. At this step, exefs.

Skip to step 11 to continue. On top screen: if you're playing the game without a game update, navigate to If you're playing the game and have a game update installed, navigate to e inside the title folder. On top screen, navigate to the folder that has the game ID that represents the game you're trying to extract from:. Example of hovering over Omega Ruby folder 7. On top screen, enter the content folder example of the inside of Omega Ruby folder.

Options will appear on the bottom screen. On bottom screen, Mount image to drive. On top screen, navigate down to exefs. This copies the exefs. Keep pressing the B button until you get back out into the root folder. Choose a folder you want to paste into, then press the Y button once.

Press the A button once, to confirm.X Japan Decrypted. Europe En,Es,It Decrypted. Fujio Characters Daishuugou! SF Dotabata Party!! Japan Decrypted. Zenkoku Saikyou Runner Japan Decrypted. Honto no Kimochi Japan Decrypted. Spiel Europe Ge Decrypted. Es Decrypted. Saikyou Ninkai Kessen!! Double Pen Sports Japan Decrypted. Yuujou no Oba-Karate!! Troopers Japan Decrypted. Whyd You Steal Our Garbage!!


USA Decrypted. Louvre Europe eng Decrypted. Europe Fr Decrypted. Europe Sp Decrypted. Louvre Europe It Decrypted.

JPN Decrypted. Louvre KOR Decrypted. Europe Decrypted. Eurppe En Decrypted. Europe En Decrypted. Ru Decrypted. Se,No Decrypted. Koinu to Asobo! Machi-Hen Japan Decrypted.

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